With the coming of warmer seasons (here in the northern hemisphere) what activities do you look forward to that have been put aside since last fall?

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Bicycle riding, longer dog walks, porch sitting, gardening and girl watching.

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Summers in Kansas suck--heat and humidity. I'm extremely heat sensitive so my only outside activities will be mowing the lawn and morning walks before the temperature rises.

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Walter The Grump
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I understand. I'm used to smaller towns/cities and the Midwest. I wouldn't do well on the coasts or in a city the size of Wichita, or bigger. I'm in the KC Metro area, but in a small town. I'm happy this way.
The Z.
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I was in a nice little berg there called Olathe, on business about three years ago. You anywhere near there?
Walter The Grump
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I'm within 45-60 minutes of there. Depending how far I venture into Olathe.
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For me, its time to fire up the RV and roll up north to see the many great places that become freed of the dour afflictions of winter.

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Here in middle GA it's been warm all winter.  I think we had 4/5 days below 30.  Here you can't go out early or late in the day, the mosquitos will eat you up. The humidity is awful most days. Can't say I will like it, cause the AC will have to run more. 

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