What Is The Definition Of Civil Engineering?


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About the middle of 18th century when more attention was paid towards the building and roads and bridges etc, for civil purpose only, a new class of engineers developed who began to be called "civil engineers".

The institution of engineering in its charter in 1828 as the act of directing the great souses of power in nature for the use and convenience of man, as the means of production and of traffic in state, both for external and internal trade.

This definition covered almost all the branches of engineering which have now developed separate entity. In early 19th century due to the growing emphasis on specialization numerous groups and sub-divisions of engineering like mechanical, mining and electrical engineering etc, came into being. With the growth of these branches of engineering the scope of civil engineering has been restricted.

Civil engineering now concerns only with the design and construction of roads, railways, bridges, canals, docks, ports, harbours, lighthouses, drainage works and break waters.
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Civil Engineering is nothing but the branch of Engineering which developed engineer who construct the big buildings .

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