Ask A Question... The Dad Is 5.4 Tall And The Mother Is 5.7. How Tall Do You Think The Daughter Of This Couple Would Be?


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  About 5'5".

  Plus or minus an error margin of about 3 inches.

  There are a lot of formulae on the Internet (and in Child health books) that atttempt to predict adult height of offspring from parent's height. There are also several rules of thumb.

  Double a girl's height at 18 months.
  Double a boy's height at 2 years.
  Double a girl's height at 2 years old.
  Double a boy's height at 2.5 years old.
  Average parents' height and add 3 inches for boys, subtract 3 inches for girls.

  It's very worthwhile to remember that these are all very rough rules of thumb. And reading the fine print, every rule of thumb or formula comes with the disclaimer that they have an error margin of about 3 inches. That means that 95% of offspring will fit the formula as long as you add or subtract up to 3 inches. About FIVE PERCENT of children will be shorter or taller than that.

  The rules of thumb about doubling child height are far from definitive, too. Do you remember that midget in grade school who grew 10 inches the summer he was 14 and ended up taller than average? What about the girl who was fully developed and 5'2" tall at 12 years old - and then never got any taller?

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