What Does Drag Mean In Science?


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Drag is a word that could be used as a noun, adjective and also as a verb. It has its origin in Middle English and is taken from the word drawen. It was later adapted into Old Norse as draga and then modified as draggen. When someone drags something they pull it with difficulty or effort. Drag is to trail along a surface' especially on the ground.

Drag has different meanings. It could also mean 'to draw on a cigar, or pipe; to take part in something; to search the bottom of a water body; to move a computer mouse; to lag behind; and to pass slowly, tediously or laboriously. Draw, haul, pull, tow, tug, draggle, crawl, creep, inch, dally, dawdle, delay, dilly-dally, lag, linger, loiter, poke or procrastinate are some of the words that could be used for drag.
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1. The act of dragging.
2. Something, such as a harrow or an implement for spreading manure, that is dragged along the ground.
3. A device, such as a grappling hook, that is used for dragging under water.
4. A heavy sledge or cart for hauling loads.
5. A large four-horse coach with seats inside and on top.
6. Something, such as a sea anchor or a brake on a fishing reel, that retards motion.
7. One that impedes or slows progress; a drawback or burden: The drag of taxation on economic growth.
8. The degree of resistance involved in dragging or hauling.
9. The retarding force exerted on a moving body by a fluid medium such as air or water.
10. A slow, laborious motion or movement.
A. The scent or trail of a fox or another animal.
B. Something that provides an artificial scent.
12. Slang One that is obnoxiously tiresome: The evening was a real drag.
13. A puff on a cigarette, pipe, or cigar.
14. Slang A street or road: The town's main drag.
15. The clothing characteristic of one sex when worn by a member of the opposite sex
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It would depend on how it is used in a sentence. If you say, "Let's go drag racing", it means racing cars. If you say, "Drag it over here" it means pull an object from one place to another. If you say, "He is in drag" it is referring to a person who dresses differently and acts differently than what his sex indicates.
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Guest, I owe you an apology. I just re-read your question. I obviously did not read it correctly the first time. You wrote science and I read sentence. So sorry!!

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