What Are The Excretory Products Of Animals?


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Water due to its removal in hyper osmotic environment is labelled as an excretory product for these animals.
Salts removed by animals of hypertonic environment are the excretory products for these animals.
Nitrogenous Wastes
Nitrogenous wastes metabolites constitute the major excretory products primarily in the catabolism of amino acids, the amino group is released or transfer to another molecule for removal or reuse. Amino group is not reused for cycling of amino acid is essentially dissolved in water and excreted to avoid toxic rise in the plasma. Elevated levels of these wastes can cause convulsions, coma and eventually death. Mostly excess nitrogen is excreted by animals as ammonia, urea or uric acid. Lower quantities of nitrogen are excreted in the form of other compounds such as creatinine, creatine or tri methylamine oxide and very small quantities of amino acid, purine and pyrimidine. Metabolism of purine and pyrimidine bases produces significant amount of nitrogenous wastes of hypoxanthine, xanthine, uric acid, allantoin, urea and ammonia.
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The excretory products of animals(man) are urine, carbon dioxide, bile.

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