What Do You Know About Galileo?


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Galileo was born in 1564 near Pisa, Italy. He is renowned for his work on astronomy and the later understanding of the stars and their movement along the orbits. His identifications towards physics are seen in the works of Sir Issac Newton. His methods of the use of telescope for observing the movements of planets which also include Jupiter & its moons, have given scientists the main stepping stone into modern astronomy. Galileo's name stands as identification for hard work, contribution to man kind and a symbolic but silent battle against authorities.
He entered university of Pisa in 1581, in field of medicine but did not get a degree and changed his understanding towards mathematics and philosophy. He took up teaching mathematics at Pisa and showed that two objects of different mass will fall simultaneously. This was seen as authority against the studies of Aristotle, so his contract was not renewed and had to move along to University of Padau. Galileo also invented a calculating compass for practical calculations of mathematics problems. He invented a powerful telescope & presented it to Venice Naval which further confirmed his pocket & teaching future. In the years to come Galileo further wrote books on the moving bodies including earth which revolved around a body of extreme heat. But his work now contacted critics and he was banned from writing anything new. But he kept with his work and dialogues between the church contributed his life. He died in 1642 & in 1979 his work was recognized by the church, officially.

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