5 Importance Of Science In Our Daily Life?


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Science is very important to our lives now because it basically studies the things happening around us and within us from a scientific point of view; it looks for facts to explain things. This means that it has helped us to understand things and that has actually led to the various inventions. These inventions have made our lives easier and it has helped human beings in evolving from being cave dwellers to constructing skyscrapers. It has also revolutionized the field of medical science, even a few centuries back so many people died due to various diseases for which we now have medicines. We can not just restrict the applications of science to certain fields, it is every where and it developed the principles that we use in doing our daily work.
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Science has changed our lives and transformed our actions. Every field of science has played tremendous role for the way we see things.

Physics teaches us how mirrors work, how heat is treated by different materials, how glasses can change our vision etc.

Chemistry narrates the principles of matter, atoms, molecules and compounds. It describes that these molecules and compounds make water that we drink and the food we eat.

Biology is the study of life and teaches us why we are the we we are! What do we need to survive and how are other living things categorized. All these countless questions are answered by Science.
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Science is important to life because if we didn't have science and technology, then we would still be like the cavemen.

Animals are science,am I right? Yes. If we didn't have meat,we couldn't live. We would all be skinny.

Plants are science,too. If we didn't have leaves like salad, and vegetables, we wouldn't have a healthy balanced diet.

Hope I helped. :-)

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Science covers the broad field of knowledge that deals with observed facts and the relationships among those facts. The word «science» comes from the Latin word «scientia», which means «knowledge». Scientists study a wide variety of subjects.
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Because science gives us the opportunity to access new inventions, research works, enables us to discover and explore new things that is much applicable in the real world....I love should love it too...
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Why science so important in our life?
Because we never live without him. Science plays an important role in our invention many instruments in our in this way science is important for human life.
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Science is everywhere, it enables us to live intelligently with the changes that takes place within ourselves and our environment. It helps us keep our environment changing for a better future. It helps develop or acquire our knowledge,skills,and applications of science and technology in our daily life. It also continues to advance and affect human life through modern discoveries,innovations and inventions.

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Science has compared at lot of thing,like other subject science help us everyday.our surrounding all of them has science compared science it gain through scientific thing posses scientific method,and that is my answer
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It teaches us a valuable lesson about the universe and about the scientific science,


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