What Can A Person Who Took Geophysics As His Major Do For A Living?


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In the competitive world today, there are a number of avenues open for candidates sufficiently educated. A student of geophysics has a number of options open, in pursuit of a career.

Government: The Geological Survey hires geophysicists to study and help identify and prevent the hazards from earthquakes and volcanoes. The commission does have opportunities for those with only undergraduate degrees too.

The nuclear weapon labs hire geophysicists to work in the field of verification seismology. They monitor the seismic data from around the world as evidence of nuclear weapons tests. The labs pay very high salaries and provide student internships.

The oil and gas industry: This industry traditionally employs a number of geophysicists and seismologists in particular.

Environmental consulting: Companies hire geophysicists to model the subsurface flow of contaminated water and other qualitative approaches they are capable of.

Military: The military hires geophysicists in various capacities. The geophysicists contribute to monitoring clandestine nuclear weapons tests, using techniques that are developed to study earthquakes.

Teaching: A geophysics degree works well to teach high-school math or science. In the case of those interested in teaching at the college level, a PhD in geophysics is required. An advanced geophysics degree also benefits in many non-academic career paths too.
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After doing geophysics you can adjust in any filed. The reason behind that is during bachelors and masters level we study such courses which help us in adjusting in any sort of environment. As we study math's ,all the advance stages like calculus, advance math's ,graduate math's .we study the advance computer subjects like programming languages, data structures and even we study about the software's.

After studying geophysics one can join any multinational company and it can be either an upstream company or downstream company. down streams companies are those which are into drilling or in the filed work just like OGDCL ,BGP ,PEL and the other companies are upstream like LMKR ,Halliburton, Schlumberger and so many.

Then you can join any wapda .you can also work with Shell, PSO and the petroleum companies. In today's world there are so many jobs for geophysicist only one has to do is to go for the right opportunity. Once you entered into the industry in the first two year you have to work really very hard. It all depend how much you are determinant for you profession and how much you are sincere to you passion. So work hard.
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Try any branch of science which studies the earth's physics, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, glacier formations and the like.

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