What Words Describe Water?


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There are many words that can describe, or mean that same, as water. In terms of water being a noun, you could use things like Adam’s ale, H20, aqua, aqua pura, drink, rain, rainwater, saliva or tears. Water as a verb could be associated with a variety of nouns too, such as baptize and bathe.

Words that describe water could be adjectives. Adjectives like sparkling, attractive, shining, calm, stormy, blue, aqueous, liquid, and engulfing could be used to describe water in a more poetic way. Generally, words like this would be used in creative writing, either in poetry or in a story.

An adjective is there to modify a noun or a pronoun. It modifies the word by describing, identifying or quantifying them. An adjective will usually precede the noun or pronoun that it modifies, in English.

An adjective can be modified in itself, too. It can be modified either by an adverb or by a phrase or clause that functions as if it were an adverb. For instance, in the sentence ‘My grandma is able to knit intricately patterned mittens’, the adverb ‘intricately’ is there to modify the adjective ‘patterned’. Some nouns, and many pronouns, as well as participle phrases also act as adjectives.

Water can be described with many pronouns, given that it’s such a recognizable thing. All of us are made of water, and cannot live without water. We experience it every day in numerous scenarios, even with things like rain. Using words to describe it is easy, given that we see it in so many different forms. All you need to do is think of adjectives that could be used to describe water in the many different scenarios we see it in during the day.
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Liquid, wet, fluid, other than H2o that are the only ones I can think of.
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