Terrorism Is A Social Evil, Is It True Or Not?


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Terrorism spreads destructiveness all over the world. Terrorism is a big social evil. It destroys not only man's life also destroy the whole country day by day. It brings destruction in the whole world. Terrorism is not a modern activity. Hundreds of years ago, societies were not as organized as they are today with modern facilities of roads, telephone, regular police force, and so on. Then heads of strong groups of people, robbers and warriors made use of force and threats to life and property.

Now, terrorism itself is quite an organized activity. There are terrorist organizations or societies that train terrorists for their purposes. Sometimes foreign governments support these organizations. A regular terrorist organization usually works against the government. They try to destroy their country.

Terrorism needs to be checked very carefully. The different governments should force all the people illegally present in their countries to leave. They should force the refugees to remain in their camps all the time. They should arrange to stop the illegal flow of money into the countries from other countries. The tactical use of the police or the army on a large scale can be discussed in newspapers, on the radio and TV and in the elected assemblies.
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Terrorism is a social evil because it is killing the society internally or should I say it's a parasite that is sucking the blood of the society.Due to terrorism activities ,the social activities have become very much affected.The new generation is also very much effected by it.The ill-effect of society like hatred and war is spreading from country to country.It's necessary to kill the root cause of such evil menace.
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Yes it is an social evil.
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Its not the time to think of ways to tackle terrorism. Instead its time to join shoulders and say lets fight and trim them [email protected]@!
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Yes, I do agree. Terrorism is a global problem. People (Terrorists) are making fools of themselves by calling so called holy war. No religion preaches to kill humans

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