Which Is Best Engineering Course In India?


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I probably think aeronautical engineering would be the best.
Coming to the traditional engineering courses ece can top the list.
My order of interest would be like-
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Hello Friend..!! See engineering itself has a good scope in India,
there are various branches in engineering but you have to decide according to
your interest and choice. But as far as I know ELECTRONICS, I.T and C.S are in
more demand in market.  As in India, there
are so many I.T companies which usually recruit the professionals of these
courses every year. However, you may find all these branches in top engineering
colleges in India
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Which is the best engineering course, it totally depends on your choice. As far as engineering courses in India is concerned, I would say ECE, CSE and IT are in more demand. These branches are available in almost all engineering colleges in India and now a days Indian market demands highly of professionals related to these branches. If we talk about Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical and Aeronautical engineering, not so many private colleges are available in India which can give you best exposure and best placement. For these branches, IITs, NITs, IIITs and some other prestigious private colleges can give a suitable platform and good placement & it is not easy to get admissions in these colleges. So work hard if you are looking for admission in Aeronautical Engineering course.
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With advancement in technology the world is depending more on technology and engineering, hence B.Tech has been one of the most pursued courses in India as it offers a wide range of opportunities . There are top notch colleges like IIT, DCE or UTM Shillong that offers the best engineering courses in India. If you are looking to pursue engineering courses with specialized courses and good placement then UTM shillong is one of the best.

But I will suggest pursue engineering only if you like it and not just coz of the herd mentality.

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