What Is Importance Of Measurement?


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Measurement is a necessary element in the development of any related branch of science. Metrology is dealt with in physics and it is a complete branch of applied physics.
To honour its importance you must consider this idiom;
what if the whole solar system was disturbed, earth would have wandered around anywhere...
Now, what if you went to market place and on paying 2 bucks you first had a whole bag full of potatoes and certainly you realized that they cost you cheaper and asked the shopkeeper to give potatoes for another 2 bucks. Will the shopkeeper be able to give the same amount of potatoes? So it is therefore necessary to have certain standards in order to get rightful amount of energy you pay for.
For this comes standardization according to universally set calibration rules e.g. You may find different graduated masses when you hangout buying some commodities.

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