How Did Delhi Get Its Name?


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Virpal Singh Dhillon Profile
Maharaja Dhilu (Dhillon), the grandson of Maharaja Karan, and the great grandson of Maharaja Pandu (Mahabharata) built Dilli and ever since it has been the capital of India (with exceptions for extremely short periods). Maharaja Karan was Maharaja Pandu's only natural son, from his queen whom Kunti stealthily murdered. Later Kunti murdered Maharaja Pandu once her illegitimate sons were old enough to take over the kingdom. In the ensuing fights/battles, Maharaja Karan was also killed by Kunti's son Arjun and his brother-in-law Krishna.
Maharaja Dhilu took revenge by destroying Kunti's illegitimate breed by completely destroying Hastinapur and re-establishing his family's right over India and ruled from Dilli thereafter.
These are the jat rulers of India and history has been distorted to destroy the jat dominance and further the interests of the non-jat rulers. Today it is very difficult to correct history and the systematic / elaborate brain washing of the people.

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