How Can I Find Out If My House Is At Risk Of Flooding?


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You could also go into your local council offices. They will have the information you need.
Local and Regional Planning Offices are responsible for the strategies for risk assessment and planning in your area. They profile risk management.
The website of the Environment Agency has a searchable Flood Map. If you were at risk of flood historically your insurance comapny would have this information and you would have had an increase in premium to reflect the risks. If you don't have this - it's unlikely that the area you live in has suffered flooding in the past. However any area is potentially open to flood risk in one way or another.
You can sign up via the Environment Agency for a n automated flood warning via your phone, mobile or pager.
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You can go to the Uk's Environment Agency website and use their maps provided by them, to check up-to-date information of the upcoming floods that would hit your region or near your neighborhood.

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