Describe Form And Report. Discuss Their Advantages And Disadvantages?


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The forms and reports are features of database system. Almost all database system provides these facilities.

A graphical interface used to interact with the database is called form. Forms are used to enter data in the database. A form consists of text boxes, labels, buttons and other graphical objects. These objects enable the user to interact with the database easily. The user can also retrieve, change, delete and update data by using forms. The application programmers create the user interface by designing the forms in different ways.

Some important advantages of forms are as follows:

Forms are easy to use.
They use graphical interface that is attractive.
The user can interact with database without technical knowledge.

Reports are the output of data base application. Reports are used to retrieve and present data in a formatted way. The information on reports is arranged in different ways. A report may also contain graphs, charts and tables etc. The user can generate different types of reports by manipulating database. Some reports are simple a list of the records in database.

Reports provide quick result from database.
It helps in making important decision.
It can be printed or emailed easily
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Advantages of using forms in access

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