What Is The Length And Width In Mileage Of Staten Island N.y?


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8 miles x  6 miles
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I am a 53 year old native of Staten Island and to my best recollection it is 1 miles in length from St George to Tottenville, and approx. 9 miles in width at the widest point from the south shore division between midland and south beaches, to the Goethals Bridge shore on the north shore.

Notables are Todt Hill is the highest point of elevation on the entire east coast, there is also the largest area dedicated to natural wildlife preserves in the entire NYC metropolitan area, also known as the "Green Belt", interlacing between numerous communities across the island, many with trails and conservation information stations, from High Rock Part and out to the wetlands on the west shore and Kill Van Kull separating it from NJ.

There has also been some of the earliest settlements of Europeans here, as early as the mid 1500's and hosted many of our forefathers, at one time or another, between Gen. George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin, just to name a couple.

In fact, the first notification to the British about the colonies declaring their independence occurred in the conference house in Tottenville, while the last holdings of the British still occupied both Staten Island and Manhattan, having gained control of the lower NY bay and entrance through the narrows, allowing them to seize these areas during the revolutionary war, soon after New York's first decree of setting Black slaves free, long before the rest of the northern states, let alone the south, had eventually agreed to the equality of man as a whole, even if some minds still have not bee able to accept this.

It also has housed the WORLD'S largest active landfill for many decades, until it's closing with respect to accepting any trash from any other locations outside of residents of the county, after much of the world Trade Center debris was sent to be disposed of, after careful scrutiny at a stop in a Jersey City waste transfer station, for evidence of identifiable personal effects before being sent by barge to the landfill.

I hope this helps anyone wishing to get some accurate information as those stated before this post.

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