Are There No Trees In Iceland?


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There are lots of trees in Iceland ! However, they are not seen on the scale that they are in most European countries. Also they are usually quite small and not as vigorous as in Europe. There is a theory that the first settlers on Iceland cut them down to make boats and shelters and they have never really re-established. But it could have more to do with the climatic conditions and the fact that they never really re-established after the Ice Age.

The climate is harsh and the winds are quite strong which can batter young trees. Moreover, the predominance of salt lashing in from the sea means that trees can only grow in selected areas (Iceland is after all an island, so they would have to grow inland).

In the UK, the Shetland Islands (and Orkneys) also have extremely few trees for the same reasons as Iceland, even though they are further south.
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As far as I know, Iceland was covered with forest from shore to shore in the middle ages - so forget this harsh climate - salt water nonsense. Forest cover was eradicated by man to 0.5%, well under the European average.
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There are more trees in Iceland than there are in Greenland! (I still wonder way they did this) Go to and click on images, then type in the search box:Iceland. See if you can find anything.
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Greenland was named after the green bushland around its shoreline. There's never been much trees there
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Ice land is not  what some people thank greenland  is  the ice cold place that has no trees ice land is green with trees
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They're some trees because you need trees for oxygen, but they r probally trees that r made for the harsh cold weather. So yea

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