Who Invented Stainless Steel?


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Harry Brearley invented the stainless steel, in order to create the quality of gun barrels. His father was a steel melter and he was born in 1871 in Sheffield . Harry Brearley got knowledge of the possessions of steel and their effects on the procedure of production.
After studing the possession of steel he invented a few kinds of steel that are resistant to corrosion. Brown Firth Laboratories that was a research company set up by the two great steel firms in 1908. The actually work was to advance the procedure of production. He was told to solution of the problems of the corrosion of rifle barrels with the help of the effects of discharge gasses and heat.

Brearley complete focal was on addition of carbon and chromium in his experiments. Steels keep chromium which is required as a constituent which have an elevated melting point and give more corrosion restriction and strong steel.

Then steel had 0.24 percent of carbon in addition to 12.8 percent of chromium content that was created the Brearley then that steel was check with the citrus and vinegar juice for testing the best steel corrosion. It gives best results. The particles which are required in making steel are different for a large types of things and it was experimented that corrosion and staining were the large problems. The product like cutlery faced this kind of problem.
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British metallurgist Henry Bray Hurley. 

In 1912, Bradley Hurley fused chrome and steel  together to produce an alloy suitable for the rifle barrel. Bray Hurley realised that the metal produced after fusion was rust resistant. This was with a 18% plus 8% nickel chrome formula. Hurley saw that this material would be ideal for cutting tools. Moreover, in 1941 he had a knife and fork created with this material. Stainless steel was now famous

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