What Is The Objectives Of IMF?


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You will find that there are many objectives of the IMF and that it doesn't many things around the world. It ensures that there is going to be enough money if there is ever going to be a disaster in the world and that the poorer countries are going to be able to feel the benefits from the IMF as they are going to be able to receive money and funds to help themselves. This gives people the impression that the IMF has nothing but advantages, however there are always going to be two sides to every argument.


· Helping poorer countries in need

This is going to be in the form of aid and any other loans that the country may need.

· Keeping power away from the world super powers and having it handed out

This is to ensure that all of the money is not just going to be within the larger countries such as America as many people think that it would only use the money to benefit itself.

· Enabling loans that can be paid back over a period of time

This allows the poorer countries to take out loan and pay them back to the IMF over an agreed period of time.

The easiest way in which you can understand the IMF and how it works is to simple imagine it as a bank in your local town and you and the other people are the different countries around the world. You can take loans out and pay them back, and you can have insurance in case anything goes wrong. Although this is a basic comparison, it ensures that you know the basis of how the IMF works and what it aims to achieve within the world with regards to helping other countries as much as it can and ensuring that not one country is in charge of the funds and how they are controlled.
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Promote international monitory support

expansion of international trade

promotion and maintenance of high levels of employment and real income

promote exchange stability

to remove foreign exchange restriction's that hinders economic growth
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Helping the countries by financial basis in order to promote themselves.
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To work on
• Financial Crisis
• Reforming Global Governance
• Globalization
• Lending
• Advanced Economies
• Emerging Markets
• Low-Income Countries
• Technical Assistance
• Fiscal Issues at the IMF
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Stabilize exchange rate and assist the reconstruction of the world's international system
to provide financial assistance to countries that experience serious financial and economic difficulties

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