What Is Half Of 1/2 Teaspoon?


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Half of ½ a teaspoon is a ¼  of a teaspoon. One quarter of a teaspoon, or ¼, is equivalent to approximately one milliliter. Three full teaspoons are approximately equivalent to one tablespoon.

Teaspoon measurements are most commonly used in cooking and baking. For example, you may use five teaspoons of yeast when baking bread, or one and a half teaspoons of mild curry powder when making a curry.

Teaspoon measurements can be used in a number of ways:

• Less than a whole teaspoon

As in your question, you can use fractions of a teaspoon, such as a half, a quarter or a third of a teaspoon. For these kinds of measurements, you can usually by specialized cooking implements which allow you to measure exactly a half, a quarter or a third of a teaspoon, rather than using guess work and visual judgement.

• Level teaspoons

A level teaspoon is when you only have product in the teaspoon up to the edges of the spoon. A level teaspoon is usually "leveled" off by using a straight edge, such as the handle of a fork or the blunt edge of a knife, to scrape away any excess material.

• Heaped or rounded teaspoons

Heaped teaspoons are when you simply use as much product as the teaspoon allows. So if a recipe asks for a "heaped teaspoon" of curry powder, you simple scoop a generous amount of curry powder into the teaspoon and dispense it into your mix.

There are a number of abbreviations for the word "teaspoon" which you may see in recipes. The most common is "tsp", however, other abbreviations include "tspn", "ts" and "t". The latter abbreviation, "t", is perhaps the least common, as it could be wrongly interpreted to mean "tablespoon", which in some cases could have disastrous consequences.

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