Can You Get Liquid Nitrogen Over The Counter To Freeze Off Moles?


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It is not possible to buy liquid nitrogen over the counter to freeze off moles. This is a method that you will only be able to have carried out at the doctors. Liquid nitrogen treatment, cryotherapy, is applied directly to the mole. The liquid nitrogen destroys the cell tissue and in turn gets rid of the mole. The process can be quite uncomfortable and painful and should not be applied to the same area of the skin more than once a week. The method can also leave permanent scarring on the skin and these are all factors that should be considered when choosing the best method to remove moles.

Although it is not possible to get liquid nitrogen over the counter to freeze off moles, there are a number of other mole removal medications that you can purchase. Some freezing treatments can be bought in stores and, while they may not be as effective as liquid nitrogen, they are much cheaper and less painful. A pharmacist will be able to give advice about the best product available depending on the type of skin it is being used on and by looking at the mole. There are many creams, lotions and medicines available that all claim they will remove moles easily and effectively. Some may decide to try these over the counter methods temporarily and if they do not work, then seek the advice of a doctor or plastic surgeon.

Any concerns about moles should be mentioned to a doctor. If a mole has changed in size, shape or color, it can be a sign that the mole is cancerous. In these cases they should be examined and/or removed to avoid any future problems. If the removal is just for aesthetic reasons then choosing between freezing, laser surgery or over the counter methods is a personal preference.

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