Why Do People Want Things They Can't Have?


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I agree that our nature is to want things, things that we don't necessarily need. As for wanting things we can't have, I think it boils down to this: There's the illusion that everything is within our grasp, if we reach out far enough. This illusion has existed for centuries.
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I think its just based on emotions ,take hope for instance,where would we be without it,6 feet under,so hoping for something make us feel better,if we know that even if there is a 0.02percent of achieving something ,we will automatically go for it, why bcoz we are never happy with what we have , evolution is not only of science or idea,its also of the heart.
And ofcourse the last thing is ego,that is what drives us to do better ,that is also what drives us to want more.
Hope that helped a little. :)
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Human nature to want things to have in general. Something most people do, is want, but don't set a goal to get that thing that they want. Some don't even know how to do that.
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I wish everyone could read this. We don't appreciate the things we have, we always want more. We need to learn to love what we have. If it's something we truly want though, you just need to believe in yourself (as corny as that sounds, it's true) and set goals.

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