My New Glasses Leave A Red Line On My Nose. Should I Take It Back, Or Is This A Common Thing With Glasses And Not A Big Deal?


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Your question is really serious and you should change your glasses due to the fact that they have left some marks on your nose. It is important you understand the factors which can result from this things. Let me explain you in detail why it should not happen and why it has happened to you.

My dear, you must understand that when you're wearing glasses it is almost as same as you're wearing cloths, if you would wear the dress that does not match your body size that dress shall harm you. Are you not sure about it? Similarly if you would not wear those glasses which are really made for your type of nose and your size then they can harm you as well. And in fact they already harmed you.

You should change your glasses because they are a bit tight on your nose and if you would not change it they can also cause some infection due to dust and sweat you'd get at the that point of your nose. So you just need to go to the shop and ask the shopkeeper to give you the glasses which are totally fit for your eyes and nose and for those in which you look great. I hope you've understand the problem with tight glasses.

It can also happen if you're wearing heavy glasses. In market many light glasses are available which would not leave any mark on your nose or anywhere on your ears, or face. I think it is enough for you to understand that you must change your glasses.
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See me gave you good advice. I also love the new Prada frames and they are expensive. They are, however very heavy. You may have to limit how often you wear them. You can get soft little pads to place inside the nose pieces that displace some of the pressure. They do show a little bit.

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