How Science Is Beneficial For Future Of Mankind?


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Science is the human's best helpmate, it has been a great blessing to humankind. It has conquered nature. With the help of science man controls the greatest forces, in every walk of life science enables mankind to load an easy comfortable life. Now a day's science is progressing by leaps and bounds, new scientific invention theory ideas and the scientist of the world is carrying out discoveries. New devices and applications are being designed in the scientific prospective, which enable our life more and more comfortable day by day. If we peep in to two decades past we had not much scientific resources which are available now a days. It is the blessing of science that man has conquered the moon and other stars in the universe.

Science is briskly developing day by day, in scientific prospective the future of mankind is very bright and dignified. With the help of science the future of mankind will become splendid, fascinating and marvelous. Noting will seem to beyond the roach of science.
Scientific discoveries in present and expected in near future in the field of health, medicines, space technology, information technology, telecommunications are going to change the life style of mankind, and made much more powerful then ever.
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Science _is_ the future of mankind
The more we understand 'the nature of ourselves in our configuration space', the less opinionated we become and the less likely we are to be 'contributing elements to a human condition'. The problem is that we are literally 'born in ignorance' and raised in a world of people likewise born and raised -which means then, that there is a very nearly overwhelming amount of misinformation, opinion, predisposition et cetera regarding what we 'know' about ourselves and how we 'should' deal with each other -or there wouldn't be the mass of troubles there is in the world today. However circumstantially, that includes scientists as principals too, because, in general, virtually all institutionalization today has origins NOT in 'a life-form-and-configuration-space laboratory of working scientists', but in 'the neonate ignorance and pecking order of our primitive ancestors'. The scientist today, in other words, is a scientist only in his laboratory (-the mathematician, at his blackboard), and otherwise 'only human' outside the lab where 'pecking-order-based lifestyle and quality of life' (money -example) drives him and everyone else. The scientist however -like it or not, is 'stuck' with being the only person in position to understand the consequences and implications of his genetic imperative and deliberative capability, the only one in position of eventually and inevitably being driven and having to learn that 'the life-form has no choice but to optimize the nature and course of its evolution and progression by the heuristic manipulation of government'.

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