What Is The Difference Between Gossip And Civilized Conversation?


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Gossip is when you are passing on negative misinformation about another.
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There is clear difference between gossip and civilized conversation. Gossip is defined as idle talk usually done for killing time and enjoyment. It carries some information with fanciful details. It is based on curiosity to know about others. By civilized conversation the writer means useful talk with a serious purpose. It must be formal brief and reasonable. It is meant for discussing or communicating a serious matter.

The writer points out that there is a relationship between gossip and civilized conversation. But it is very weak and distant relationship. She calls gossip a poor relative which is never acknowledge or welcomed. It is considered low and vulgar and is disliked by serious, intellectual people. Sometimes gossip becomes the carries of rum ours and slander. Then it tends to damage the integrity and reputation of others.

The writer tries to defend gossip against these charges. She says that rum our mongering, slander or defamation cannot be called gossip because these come from ill-will, jealousy or revenge. It must be light-hearted, interesting and amusing. The writer believes that gossip is a positive activity meant to promote under-standing. It passes useful information about people and places. It has all the essential qualities of good fiction. The writer loves gossip as it is a means of exchanging useful information between members of a community.

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