What Are The Factors That Affecting Demand?


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1)Changes in the Price of a good or service

(2)Changes in consumers’ Income spent on goods and services

(3)Changes in the Tastes/Preferences of consumers for goods/services

(4)Changes in the Prices of related goods and services: Substitutes and Complements

(5)Changes in government fiscal policy (spending and taxation) and monetary policy (interest rate etc)

(6)Natural disasters (storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods etc)

(7)Scientific discoveries (medical, chemical etc)

(8)Advertising or Commercial ads

(9)Changes in the growth rate of a Population

(10)The # of consumers in a market

(11)Seasonality (Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day etc)

(12)Sociological factors (age, sex, education, marriage etc)

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