What Is Binomial Nomenclature? Why Is It Used?


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From the start of Biological experiments, different people had different languages. It was difficult for scientists to express their observations to the scientists of other countries. Every region with its own languages, had a different word for animals and plants. Biological readings, thus, could not be easily conveyed to other people.Even when we are using the same language, one plant has various names, e.g. the Poppy plant has more than fifty names in the Great Britain.

To avoid these confusions, scientists came to the conclusion that biological names should be given to all living creatures to recognize them all over the world. In this way, the problem of recognize plants and animals while communicating with a person of different region is solved.

Assigning biological names to animals and plants is called 'Biological Nomenclature'.
The first name is Generic name, while the second name is Specie name. For instance, Homo sapien is the biological name of Human beings. Homo is the Genus, while sapien is the specie name.

In scientific names, the first letter of the first name is capitalized. Both the words are either italicized or underlined separately. The scientific name of Frog is Rana tigrina, the scientific name of Rose plant is Rosa indica, the scientific name of Mustard plant is Brassica campestris.
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Binomial nomenclature is the two word system that identifies each kind of organisms by the use of its genus and species name.
It is the way to assign scientific names to living organisms. Carolus Linnaeus introduced this system in 1753 to prevent the confusion of the names of the organisms.

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