Explain The Economic Importance Of Phylum Mollusca?


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Molluscs are indirectly harmful to man but most of them are beneficial. Molluscs are of great important in various ways. There are some benefits of molluscs:
1. The harmful molluscs ate slugs and shipworms. Slugs are injurious in gardens and cultivations. They not only eat leaves but also destroy plants by cutting up their roots and stems. Teredo, a shipworm damages wooden parts of ship.
2. Many mollusks are great source of food for man in many parts of world. Large quantity of calms, oysters and mussels are eaten in Fareast, Europe and America. Oysters are regarded as delicacy.
3. Shell of fresh water mussels is used in button industry.

4. The shell of oyster are mixed with tar for making roads in America.
5. Shells in certain parts of world are also used for making ornaments.
6. Some oysters also make valuable pearls e.g. The pearl oyster.
7. Some pearls are used for making jewellery.
8. Some animals including in this phyla are use to eat in some countries.

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Nematoda is most specious phylum after arthropoda. They occupy almost every habitat. Usually they are parasites in both human and plants. The have sexual reproduction. Male is smaller than female. Some species are free living and play important role in decomposition and aid in recycling of nutrients in marine environments.
Some nematodes are beneficial for a agriculture and indirectly for human. Predatory nematodes kill the garden pests like cutworms and act as organic form of pest control.
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Economic importance of nematodes
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Part of the Animal Kingdom: Snails, slugs, squid, clams, oysters, etc. Great food source. The economic importance then would be seafood marketing.
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Nematoda economic important they are parasites that lives with blood so if eat humans bloods humans are harmfully then goes to hospital and pay thats the ecological important cause the economic benefits.

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