How Much Does An 8th Weigh?


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Honestly, when you're getting better weed, an 8th should be an 8th regardless. Cause you're usually paying more for it. I'm not sure what part of the country you live in, but if you're getting some really nice lookin green (no seeds/stems) for 20 bucks an 8th, them skimpin on a few tenths of a gram isn't really a big deal. Now, if you're spending 50$ on an 8th of dank (which is often what the real good stuff goes for), you should be getting at least 3.3g . Fifty bucks is a lot to spend on just a few grams of the stuff, specially when it grows in the ground. You're welcome to email me or contact me through this blurtit stuff and I'd be happy to give you some helpful hints.
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Should weigh about 3.5 with out the bag.
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Yeh yeh thats what ive been getting , but when i get the stronger smoke its about 2.8g for an 8th ? Is that right ?

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