Can You Lock Away Your Emotions ?


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You can lock your emotions away. I know this through experience. I can't really feel any emotions over any matter whatsoever. But locking them up is not the way to go because you will later regret not having them with you. Take some time to recover but don't lock yourself away from everyone and everything.

If you let all your emotions go your life ahead will be very difficult.

I hope this is what you wanted to know and I hope it helps.
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I find it hard to believe that people can lock emotions away of their own will. I went through 13 years of agonizing emotional pain, until something inside me just disappeared. I spent all of those years searching for a way to do this, and it does not exist. You can CONVINCE yourself it worked, but It did not. It is only once you are broken by emotional pain that your body locks the emotions away on it's own.

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Yes, but locking away one emotion causes the rest of them to follow. I noticed that hiding when i was upset would result in making it hard to show appreciation, or my late boyfriend how i loved him. That was the fatal flaw of our relationship, sadly.

I'm not sure if this is what you mean by locking away, though.

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Sure, but I'll pay for it eventually.

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I say yes because I did it so can you.
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How?! Tell me!
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It's not a very good idea. it will ruin your relationships, most likely
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YOU did not do it. If you really can't feel emotions anymore, that is because you were emotionally broken. It is impossible to turn off your emotions by will. There is no "off" button, your emotions have to be broken, and only then will you feel no emotions, because your emotions no longer work. YOU did NOTHING. If this is not the case, you have merely convinced yourself that you feel nothing.
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It is natural to feel this condition after having some emotional disturbance in the life. Emotions are very much important to some people while there a lot of the people that don't bother what are feelings in fact. So, as you are telling that your heart has broken. I do not know what has happened to you but what ever the cause of your broken heart it is sad.
Sometimes the human being get indulged too deeply in some feelings, with your love ones, in some fantasies to be away from them.

Severe Emotional dependence on any thing is bad. Every thing in this world can not be get specially a human being. If we love some one and can not get him/her in our lives, then sometimes it can make us to think worse for ourselves. It is natural too to be almost feelingless after that because if you lose once your center of emotions, then it is not easy to get out of this darkness of depression.

You feel some thing like that in your life and that is why you are saying that you can not feel any love or pain any more. I think it is unconscious psychological reaction and you will be out of it at sometimes in your life again.
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Nope! My emotions yell out even if I haven't said a word! My non-verbal communication is wonderful... If I don't like you....I don't have to say a word you'll know! I have a problem with it though, if I'm angry, sad, or anxious....I cry, soooo it's a shot in the dark with those! Haha!

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Oh everyone can lock their feelings away and then use alcohol or drugs to cope with the pain of stuffing feelings down for are taught to show no feelings,.we go through life like a bunch of machines. I beleive in cryung screaming get a punching bag or something

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You shouldn't lock away your feelings I did that when I had a crush on a boy and I don't like him anyone I feel pain sometimes but never love you can but you shouldnt
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Love does not exist. Love is merely a word. There is a level of comfort you feel around someone, and if that level is high enough, humans call it "love". However, once you are broken, cold, and dead inside, you do not feel comfortable. You feel nothing.
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Locking your emotions is a very difficult part of our lifes. But through sheer determination to over come all the lows in our lifes, we can control (lock) our emotions

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