How Many Pints In One Pound Of Blueberries?


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There is approximately one and two thirds of a pint in one pound of blueberries.

  • About blueberries

Blueberries are extremely plentiful in North America, and it is because of this that they became part of the main diet of both the Native Americans, and the first settlers who did not originate from there. 

Once known as star berries due to the five points that blueberry blossoms have, this delicious fruit was highly regarded by the Native Americans, who thought that they were created by the Great Spirit to feed the hungry children, sick and elderly during times of famine.

Used as a medicine for the treatment of coughs and other ailments, blackberries had a variety of different uses other than as a source of food, and where also used to make dye for baskets, as well as creating a dried form of food, much like jerky, called pemmican, used for lengthy journeys as it did not go bad.

Blueberries are still a highly demanded food source in America today, so much so that if the United States' yearly harvest of the fruit was to be laid out in a single layer, it would cover a highway of four lanes from New York to Chicago.

The only food source that is naturally blue in color, the chemical that is contained within the fruit, anthocyanin, is extremely beneficial for eyesight. Also, due to the high content of antioxidants that it contains, the consumption of this food is thought to prevent any damages caused by serious illness, such as heart disease, some forms of cancers, and Alzheimer's.    

Studies upon aging rats also discovered that a diet of blueberry extracts can help to enhance various physical factors, such as co-ordination and balance, as well as the capacity of short-term memory.

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