Are There Any Parasites That Live Under The Human Skin?


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With the advances in society there are still some simple life forms that can make the best of us cringe and shuddder in disgust.  There are several types of parasites that can live under the human skin.  Some can be transferred by pets while others are contracted in nature or from a particularly dirty or unclean source.  The most commonly known would be the scabies or jiggers found frequently in the southern US. While most skin parasites are harmless, there are some skin parasites such as Morgellons are unknown to most doctors and can make life pretty unbearable. There is no known diagnostic procedure much less a treatment.  There are many ways to contract mites or parasites like the beauty parlor, lying down on an infested couch or rug, trying on new clothing in a store that was tried on by someone who was infested.

Scabies like most mites and parasites can be contracted through environment, contact with or sharing clothing or towels with an infected person.  Scabies are easily treated with prescription shampoos that have the same active ingredients as those that treat head lice.  While the idea of a parasite or a mite taking up shop in your skin may be horrifying, most forms can be treated simply. 

Cleanliness, covering as much exposed to skin as possible outside and limiting the places you visit are going to be the only things that you can do to minimize your risk of exposure to parasites.  Think of them as no more than a mosquito or an ant.  They may bite or disrupt your peace for a while but most of them you can get rid of quickly.   The fear of these types of things is not needed, but a healthy understanding of what is going on is always a good approach.   Visit your doctor if you think you have some type of parasite, it never hurts to check with the professionals.
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Yes, there are symptoms like

Biting or Irritation on your face, in your nose, ears or mouth, or anywhere above the neck
Memory loss, difficulty thinking or "brain fog"
Chronic Fatigue
Pain all over the body
Muscle or Joint Swelling
Sores or open lesions that do not heal may or may not occur
Hard Nodules under the skin
Hair-like fibers in your skin
Black or iridescent specks in your skin
the parasites that kill a humans skin cell and other cells
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I have all of these symptoms and it is called Morgellons.
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No cure is known but it sounds like "Morgellons" Disease, which I have. You can find support and treatment steps on morgellons disease research and morgellons sanctum. Stay away from GMO foods, sodas, fast foods, prescriptions... if the drs knew the answers we would have them by now. I seek alternative homeopathic/herbal medicine & am doing well.

This "Morgellons" comes from the outside in, then goes inside out. Check out for more info on chem-trails, a theory I strongly support.

Good luck & good health,

In the white light,
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All the above & mor.went to derm hed hr ot sors on face said had auto imm dz,and chronfatig,leftovers from a ner fatal yr of tx for hep semed resonable said my alopecia Was the worst she'd ever seen. I was given stuper steroidal creme ,ertho for my face isaw her last wk with worse cond. Pusy sores allover my face hard tan cuticles dead skin on my nailswhen i cut ded skin away ther is thin blk inky line.hav pinpt blk on fingrs whn it coms out of skin lves tan slit now se on fac hlp
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I have a friend that has exactly what you are talking about. On her face first then the neck, then on her back and arms. She has had this for about 3 yrs.  The place on her face, has what looks like little strawberry seeds in it . She said that if she picks out the dark pieces, it bleeds a lot, but it relieves the pain and pressure.  She has been from dr. To dr. And no one seems to have the right treatment.  Can you tell me more????
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Is having to many parasites in your body dangerous?
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If you stray off a path in the woods you may get a deer tick on you...but this insect is a parasite but only the head really burrows in.  Also there are parasite in humans called scabies and it's passed on from infected persons, or from sleeping in a bed or using any linen that an infected person may have used.  It is not from uncleanliness. You must clean your bedding and sheets and towels used by infected person in hot hot water and dry them in the dryer.
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It's really shocking to hear that you've all these symptoms. You should try home remedies according to type of parasites under your skin. Here are some of oils/balm you should try on your skin for getting rid of parasites:

Neem Oil
Oil and Vinegar
Bee Balm
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Yes they can, it can appear in little red bumps on the arm leg back or any where on the body..There is a parasite bug called scabies that contagious from human to human and also from lack of cleanness...
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Dude, this is a HUGE question, and I think you need to have some things clarified.... Parasitism is actually a relationship involving two different organisms, and one organism benefits (parasite) at the expense of the host. Now, in medical terms, this only applies to eukaryotic organisms, and they don't include bacteria and viruses like other branches of biology- but yes, there are parasites that live under the skin... Then you ask if bacteria, organisms, and parasites that can thrive under the skin. An organism is any living system- so yes, you have all of these, and bacteria and parasites are considered organisms....

I think you should hop onto to some website for intro bio, or something because every organism is different, that's what makes the world so cool. And the thing is, bacteria are awesome, it's not always bad, and in fact, if you didn't have it in your body, you'd be really sick. You NEED bacteria in your gut to help you digest food, in addition to helping your immune system. I'm just not sure if you saw some TV show about parasitic worms, or if you're trying to understand bacteria... On the brighter side, there are loads of tests, and treatments, so don't worry, but I think you should crack the books, and see how cool a lot of this stuff is.

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