What Are The Functions Of Commerce?


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As we know, commerce is actually a type of business which is aimed to take the industry products to the users. There are two types of businesses by nature:

1. Industry
2. Commerce

The industry is a type of the business which contains the work of manufacturing and developing some products from a raw material. Like the industry of leader, steel industry, and cotton industry etc.

The industry business is actually a process of earning profit by selling their manufactured products in the market. While, commerce is the type of the business which is not relevant to the development or manufacturing process. In commerce, the products of industries are moved from the site of the development to the retailers, whole sellers and other users.

Thus the commerce is actually refers to the group of activities that are aimed to provide an intermediate between the producer and consumer. There are further two classifications of the commerce activities.

1. Trade
2. Aids to trade

The trade is an action of buying the goods directly from the producer and takes it to the other places for selling. The trade may be home trade or foreign trade. The aids to trade consists of those activities that help the trading for example banks, insurance, transportation advertising , warehousing etc.
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what are the functions of commerce

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maintain proper accounts
enter daily transactions
check it from the auditor

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