Where Is The Nearest Beach To Riverside,ca?


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The closest beach to the city of Riverside in California State is probably Newport, providing that you travel on the sign-posted roads. Newport Beach can be accessed by taking the 91 West route out of Riverside until you reach the 55 South, which takes you direct to your destination. The beach offers a broad range of leisure activities for visitors, including surfing, body boarding, sandcastle building and hiking. For families with young children and couples on romantic getaways alike, Newport is the perfect beach location with its vast selection of bars and eateries - including the popular Balboa Bar and Newport Harbor Café.

Alternatively, you can visit Huntington's Beach from Riverside. By car, this is a little further away than Newport, but only by ten minutes driving - providing, of course, that the traffic leading out of Riverside is free of congestion and smooth-running. Huntington's Beach is popular with dog owners because of its stretch of coastline that's dedicated to dogs so that they can stretch their legs on California's golden sands. However, this isn't to say that humans can't also enjoy Huntington's Beach, because there are plenty of other activities for you to enjoy there as well as your canine companion. These include water sports, fishing, adventure touring, paddling in the well-maintained sea and kite flying. There's also access to horseback rides over the sands at night, with surfing and body boarding tuition classes for beginners available on request.

For your information, other beaches in the California area which you may wish to consider visiting include Moreno Beach, Salton Beach, Betz Beach, Sneaker Beach and Perris Beach. Other parks and natural places of interest in close proximity include the Joshua Tree National Park, Thousand Palms Oasis, Temecula Valley Vineyards, Gavilan Springs Ranch, Swan Lake, Hog Lake, Lone Pine Reservoir, Black Mountain Creek, Logan Creek, Anza Cycle Park and San Jacinto River Park.

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