Is Hiroshima Nagasaki A Place Or Name Of Person?


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Hiroshima is the place that the Americans hit with the second nuclear bomb, Named Fat Man.

Nagasaki was the first and the Americans hit that city with the nuclear bomb known as Little Boy.

after the second attack the Americans said that Tokyo was next and 2 days later the Japanese army surrendered. So to answer the question, they are Japanese cities that were attacked in WWII

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Hiroshima and nagasaki are two different places... They are the only 2 places in the world where atomic bombs have been dropped. It was during world war two.. Both islands in japan
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Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the two famous places in Japan struck ed by the Americans on the 1940s. The Americans dropped the Bomb in this part of Japan killing thousands of people, flattening the cities.
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Hiroshima and Nagasaki are NOT islands... They could be many things. Hiroshima airport, Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima city. Nagasaki could be Nagasaki Prefecture, Nagasaki city, and the gravure model Rina Nagasaki (she's actually from Tokyo). They are also family names.

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