How The Involuntary Vibration Of The Organs Is A Prediction And How Can It Effect A Person?


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The involuntary vibration of the organs is a prediction and many of people from all over the world can believe on it. Some people says these are only suppurations and some of believe that these are effective on us.
I am writing some of predication which is applicable when the involuntary vibration of the organs may occur suddenly.
Organ Type Predication or Effect

Forehand: You get a new job or your salary may increase or you take a journey
Head: Yours dreams come true
Right eye brow: You get a job or you get some profit in your business
Left eye brow: You get some property or money
Back: You get money or take a journey
Right eye: Face a blame and desrepute
Left eye: Your wife or Husband may died
Right ear: You get an unexpected profit
Right cheek: You get good news from some where
Left cheek: You face a problem
Upper lip: You take happiness from your beloved
Blow lip: Your beloved miss you
Both Lips: You meet your beloved
Neck: Take profit or meet with your friend
Right shoulder: You may disparate
Left shoulder: Take control on your enemy
Right arm: You meet with your friend
Left arm: Your problems may solve suddenly
Figures of right hand: Your enemy takes attack and you face great loss
Figures of left hand: You get some profit by a journey
Heart: You feel unhappy
Right side of chest: You take tension from your beloved
Left side of chest: Born your baby boy
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allow me to add to this, while your correct about the vibrations meaning something, i learned they vary for different people, like for me any time my right eye vibrates i cry, the left or eye brow is usually some sort of gift, rather the act of receiving, i learned that the left side is usually positive while the right is negative. In Fact the first time i learned of this was when i was about 7 and i felt a vibe in my right eye and my mom told me what it meant (were Jamaicans that belief was quite popular) later that night i was misbehaving and sure enough i got my ass kicked and cried, I later asked my mom what the others meant and she told me it varies with the individuals, you have to feel them ans mark them yourself
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I heard dat left is positive for girls and right is positive for's true...I experienced it a lot
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Wow! I thought i was the only one feeling this! My left eye vibration always resulted in me receiving money as a gift since i was in high school. 100% true. Maybe a coincidence? I don't know but it vibrates for days and i anticipate a relative to come and give me money and it happened many times in the past.QUESTION: What a vibration of the buttocks predict? I recently had a continuous vibrations on my left should and left chest but i don't know what they really mean, any help??

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