What Does It Cost To Live Per Person In Kenya?


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The actual amount depends upon the person and his expenses. If you have to assist a child who is school going then this is fifteen dollars per month and so you can calculate the yearly expenses accordingly. But if this is not a child and you have to assist an adult in Kenya then thirty two dollars per month are required and according to this you can calculate yearly amount. If you want more exact information then you can contact any of the chairmen of sponsorship programs because there are so many such programs that may help you in this regard. Another solution is that you can ask a person about his expense and requirements who is going to be supported by you; this is how you will be able to know the exact number of dollars required to support a person in Kenya.

You can either go to the Web search engines to find out the charts made by many organizations to help citizens in this regard. There are so many methods to have an exact idea in this regard and you can decide after trying all these or any of these methods.

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