What Are The Uses Of Nickel, Gold, And Silver?


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This valuable metal is often used like zinc to coat steel objects to stop them form rusting. It is the shiny metal you see on bicycle handlebars or the bumpers of cars. Nickel is also used to make some 'silver" coins. The Muslim worlds produces 8 per cent of all the world's nickel.

We usually think of jewellery when we think of gold, but today it has a much more important place in industry. It is the best conductor of all metals the world and will never rust.
Today, gold is used in scientific equipment, especially for making important connections in computer and other electronic equipment. Gold is widely used in electronic equipment in satellites. Because it will not tarnish, gold is sometimes used for making artificial teeth. The Muslim world produces about 9 per cent of the world's gold.

Silver is also resistant to tarnishing. As well as for jewellery, cutler, and silverware – dishes, cups, trays, etc. – silver is used in computers because it conducts electricity well. It is the main chemical in photographic film, and is used in the manufactures of many other chemical products. Silver was used for coins in the past, but today it is considered too soft for this. The Muslim world produces about 3 per cent of the world's silver.

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