What Body Parts Used By Animals To Get Their Food?


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Animals parts of the body in getting their foods?
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Examples of body parts that animals use to get their food are:

1.  Proboscis - the straw-like thingie that mosquitoes and other insects use to suck blood and nectar
2. Sensory organs (eyes, ears, antennae, body covering, whiskers, etc) - to spot/ sense their prey
3. Legs/ fins and tails - for movement; to catch their prey
4. Claws and teeth - to tear their prey apart
5. Spinnerets - what spiders use to make webs to catch insects
6. Lure - like an angler fish's light
7. Body covering - for camouflage
8. Tentacles/ muscles - to "hug" and crush their prey, like octopi and boa constrictors
9. Fangs - for poison; to disable the prey
10. Tongue - to catch insects really fast, as in the case of lizards

That's all I can think of.  I hope this helps.
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Pls help me,I'm searching for what do animals use to because tomorrow I really want to recite in Science...:'(Pls response!!I'm just grade 5!
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