Is There An Inventor's School?


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There are no schools for inventors as such, but on the other hand all schools give you necessary skills to be an inventor. It is possible to be an inventor in any discipline. The skill that defines an inventor is his or her curiosity for finding new things and new ways of doing old things. Entrepreneurship is one of the skills along with management skills like strategy, marketing, finance, team building, innovation, negotiation and tactical skills you require to be an inventor. The entrepreneurial spirit exists in everyone and with the right education your opportunities will increase a hundred-fold.

To become an inventor requires a lot of persistence and positive mind set. When Thomas Alva Edison was inventing the light bulb and he had failed a lot of times, his friend asked him why he had failed so many times. Edison replied; 'I have gotten lots of results! If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward...'.
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As of right now I do not thin that there are school for invention.
Also I think that you need a lot of listening skills to fit these skilled for inventors.
Inventors are people that can use there brains and materials.
Materials that are old and new.
Be creative about your inventions.
" If you want to be an inventor just do it"
"Courage is power"
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Yea if you live in the world of robots.
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No there is not a school for that

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Inventors will always be an odd breed because they think about things that the rest of us overlook. So I doubt that there will ever be 'formal' education for inventors. Certainly you can help them acquire skills which help them develop their ideas, but the core of what they are about is the original, inspired idea. Both Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein got their world-changing concepts quite unexpectedly. One lying under an apple tree and the other in an alpine meadow thinking about sunbeams.

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