What Are Some Slogans To Save Our Mother Earth?


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The possibilities are endless, there are dozens of good slogans promoting saving the earth; here are a few ideas on how to find inspiration.

Your question describes our planet as ‘mother’ earth so how about using that:
Be good to your mother
Mother knows best

There are also buzz words for saving the planet such as ‘green’ so how about these:
Earth, keep the machine green
Paint the town green

Slogans that rhyme are always catchy too.
There’s a few words in this sentence but the rhyme makes it easy to remember:
What sobriety conceals, alcohol reveals

Some of the biggest corporations in the world use slogans and these show, they don’t have to rhyme to be effective:
I’m Lovin’ It (McDonalds)
Diet Coke Break (Diet Coke)
Eat Fresh (Subway)
It’s The  Taste (PG Tips)

What these show is that you need to keep slogans punchy. If you can say it in three words then it will work. Of course, these organisations back up their ideas with multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. The Subway example doesn’t work unless we associate it with their logo.

If you’re not planning a big advertising spend, you had better make sure the slogan isn’t too abstract.

The best thing to do is get a piece of blank paper and a pen and brain storm. Don’t worry if things sounds good or bad as you write them down, just put it all on paper while it's in your mind. Once you have filled the page with ideas, put the pen down and read them all out loud. You can cross off the rubbish ones and then read them to friends. Eventually, you will be left with the best one or the process will lead you to more ideas.
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Energy misused cannot be excused
when it is bright switch off the light
toady's wastage is tomorrow's shortage
save earth , plant a tree , there is no planet 'B'
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Better earth , better life , better tomorrow
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Earth allows you to stand,let it stand the way it is!!!!
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I'm proud to wear my Earth Day badge
I give the Earth a hand.
I pick up litter, care for trees,
Recycle what I can.
I'm an Earth Day helper
Each and every day.
I take care of Mother Earth
In oh, so many ways.
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Man is not the ant of his anthill but the snake who lives in it!
Destroying it every moment, in the hope of re-building it.
  Pooja T.N.
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Mother earth says leave my trees alone, leave my rivers and streams alone, stop taking my land and making it cement , and all will survive.
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Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever happens to the earth, occurs to the son of the earth. So,SAVE EARTH SAVE LIFE.

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