1 1/2 Cups Divided By 2 What's The Answer?


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11/2 cups divided by two equals 3/4 of a cup; knowing this answer can help a person to make smaller quantities of a recipe by using half the amount the recipe calls for. Sometimes, if a person is cooking for one, or wants to "halve" a recipe for some other reason, finding the exact amounts for half of a recipe can be tricky. However, when a person understands that 1-1/2 cups divided by 2 is 3/4 of a cup, it will become much easier to create tasty meals and desserts without making errors on crucial measurements of ingredients. 

Tips On Measuring Ingredients

• Buying a Pyrex measuring cup is often a great idea; these heatproof measurement implements are great for measuring and pouring out hot liquids, such as melted butter, warm milk, melted chocolate, or boiling water. If a heatproof Pyrex measuring cup isn't affordable, cheaper plastic or glass versions can be found at almost any dollar store or big department store. Look for measuring cups with clear markings that are easy to read while measuring out liquid or solid ingredients.
• If special measuring cups or spoons aren't available, anyone can use regular teaspoons and tablespoons to measure out ingredients. Since there are 16 tablespoons in a cup, it's possible to measure out almost any cup amount by using the right number of tablespoons, filled with liquid or solid ingredients.

To find more handy measurement conversions, consider buying a cookbook, which will often feature common conversion amounts in an index in the back of the book; older cookbooks from the early Eighties can be found for just a dollar or two at most thrift stores, and they will likely feature these useful conversion listings. Searching for easy online calculators that convert measurements can also be a great way to get answers almost immediately.
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If we divide 1 1/2 by 2 ..we'll find 3/4.
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