What Is Williams Syndrome?


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It's a rare genetic condition, affecting about 1 in 20,000 people. It is a disorder caused by missing material on chromosone 7. The condition usually arises in a baby because of spontaneous mutation (not inherited).

People with this condition have distinct facial features, which might be characterised by a lay-person as relatively wide- or flat-faced features. Their most severe health problems tend to be heart or blood vessel problems, as well as occasional kidney malfunction.

The condition also usually causes learning disorders, and a range of lesser minor disabilities, affecting any organ of the body. Thre is a tendency towards lower intelligence, short stature, trouble gaining weight as a baby and child, hernias, over-sensitive hearing, dental abnormalities and weakness in the muscles or joints. People with this disorder are frequently very sociable, however, and typically have very expressive language capacity. They often have a strong affinity for music.

Most people with Williams syndrome can live an independent life, although their life expectancy is shorter than average.

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