How Many Elements Are Listed On The Periodic Table Of Elements?


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The Periodic Table is a visual table used to arrange the chemical elements, in numerical order, according to their atomic numbers. The first periodic table was created in 1869 by a Russian chemist, Mr. Dmitri Mendeleev. Over the past one hundred and thirty seven years, the periodic table has changed, due to the discovery of new elements, from its' original version. There are, currently, a total of one hundred and sixteen elements listed on the periodic table. In the periodic table, eighteen main columns of elements are listed. These columns are also referred to as groups and, sometimes, families. Elements with similar, but not identical, characteristic qualities belong, together, in a group. There are seven rows on the periodic table and each row is referred to as a period. All elements in a period have different characteristic qualities. There are a higher number of metals found on the periodic table than any other element.
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