What Is All About The Compound Wheel And Axle?


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The compound wheel and axle is a simple mechanical concept with a wide range of real life applications. The model is utilized in the modern day car, the doorknob and the bicycle. The idea of the compound wheel and axis is that when one of the components is moved through the application of a force, the other component will move with it.
  • The main benefit of the compound wheel and axle
The concept of the compound wheel and axle can make vehicles and machines more efficient. For instance, when a bicycle operates, the rider turns the pedals and their feet cover a particular distance in this motion. But the distance covered by the bike is much further, as the rider is operating the axis which is connected to the wheels. The system allows for longer distances to be traveled, given the real motion put into the system. The higher the gear of a bike, the more distance it will travel per turn of the pedal. This is why a greater force is needed to ride in higher gears - more energy must be inputted into the system.

  • The origin of the compound wheel and axle
The exact origin of the compound wheel and axle is largely unclear. The simplicity of the system suggests it is likely it was used in ancient times. Indeed, in 2002 a wheel was found in Llubljana believed to be around 5200 years old by experts. This is the oldest compound wheel and axle artifact to be found to date. Other old compound wheel and axle products have been discovered in Switzerland and Germany. It can be presumed that the compound wheel and axle design therefore originated from somewhere in this area of Europe.

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