What Is Kinesthetic System?


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The kinesthetic system primarily is used to help a person stay balanced and coordinate his or her movements. In other words, it helps us to get information of our body parts and their associated movements. It is very important to us as without it we might not feel our body area, just watching them associated with us. Kinesthetic information comes from receptors in joints, ligaments and muscle fibres (Matlin & Foley, 1997). It calculates the rate and direction of movement, and hence conveying the message to the corresponding brain area. It helps us to understand the movement, position as well as direction of physical body by using our sense organs. A person suffering from the loss of the kinestheic system would be a very slow in his movement as well as being flabby. If you become curious about your own kinesthetic system, just close your eyes, and try to touch the tip of your nose. May be you miss first one or twice. This implies that initially the brain was lacking information because of your closed eyes, whereas, very soon, it started mapping it by imposing balance in movement. You wont have any problem in open eyes, as the brain gets proper kinesthetic information using your sense organ, i.e, eye.
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It is the system which controls the movement of the body's muscles, tendons and joints in the human system, closely monitored by mechanoreceptors in the body. This process is also called kinesthesis.

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