What Is The Full Meaning Of SSL And USB?


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These are two unrelated items first off.

SSL = secure sockets layer
USB = universal serial bus

SSL is used to provide security for network traffic between two endpoints by first validating the host server is who it says it is (SSL certificate) the encrypting the data sent between client and server (web server and you). If you have ever used HTTPS, then you have used HTTP secured by SSL.

USB is a generic interface for devices. The devices are powered by the bus and can be chained together. Mice, keyboards, joysticks, printers, speakers, hard drives, are all potential candidates to use USB these days. USB was a godsend compared to the old way of dealing with hardware. This is because USB essentially will use a single system interrupt (IRQ) to host many devices. This means you could have hundreds of devices attached without running out of addresses for the devices, which was a problem prior to USB.

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