What Causes The Ass Smell?


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Brenda Harrell answered
You did not wash properly or wipe yourself while using the bathroom. Take care.
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The first thing and most likely would be your dogs anal glands. What they are, R two bubbels inside his/her rear end that build and fill up leading to seepedge and smells nasty! Most people take their dogs to the vet to have them drained. Basicaly its like poping pimples. Hope this helps. Sincerely,tcrew
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How to get rid of my ass smell
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Ted Dibiasi answered

Obviously, your ass causes the ass smell.  Look into having it surgically removed if the problem persists.

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Barry LeMoine answered
XD its gasses in your body. When you fart you hear a noise that every body thinks is funny until they smell it. The gas is produced from the foods you eat after being boiled and then turning into a gassy liquid that will produce more air into your anus then will end up coming out sooner or later. Or you may have to get a cloth and soap and scrub it really really hard. If that doesn't work use steel wool that will take all the little pieces of shit out XD. Have a great day

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