Are Martians Real?


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I think there is because think of how creepy it would be if we were the only ones in this huge universe
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It is possible in mars that life exists its like we on earth ...but martians are like people on mars maybe a long time ago is maybe why the mars is is possible aliens are real cause its not  only who are living in this huge universe ..there`s a possible life exists on other galaxies...
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Martians are not real.They are a product of childhood escapism.
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No not at all,the Martians are only fiction and are popularized in movies and science fiction stories.A Martian is defined as some one from the planet mars.
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Actually, a martian, in common referrence, is considered a person or humanoid from another planet, not neccessarily Mars.
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It all depends on what you believe. I myself think that there might be life on other planets. Who knows? Maybe the people are out there looking for us.

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