What Is Electric Approach In Psychology?


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Assuming that his question refers to eclectic, rather than electric, psychology, it is best to begin by defining the term eclectic. It has its origin in the French word eclectique, which in turn is derived from the Greek eklektikos, or selective; or eklego, meaning to pick or choose from. Taking an eclectic approach therefore means selecting theories or ideas from a range of different sources.

  • Single Approach Psychology
Aspects of behavior in humans are explained by the theories of five major perspectives. Each of these theories has a set of strengths and weaknesses. These weaknesses suggest that each theory on its own is not adequate to explain human behavior. Using an eclectic approach, in other words combining the strengths of various theories, may provide a much more comprehensive explanation.

  • Eclectic Approach
Any true eclectic approach will involve the creation of a new theory based on the combination of and intended to replace a variety of other theories. Psychology has not yet reached the point of forming true eclectic theories, but is using an eclectic approach to try and understand behavior by employing more than one perspective, and to develop suitable applications based on multiple approaches.

  • Example of an Eclectic Approach
Having viewed a certain abnormal behavior from different perspectives, an eclectic approach to therapy may involve the use of more than one single kind of treatment in order to achieve a more holistic approach.

  • Strengths
An eclectic approach in psychology does not restrict ideas to a single perspective, allows the formation of new ideas and provides greater understanding.

  • Weaknesses
An eclectic approach may cause confusion as too many ideas are expressed, it could be difficult to identify the relative values of different perspectives in an explanation and it may prove difficult to combine very different perspectives into a single theory.

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